After many months of careful consideration, the CESA board of directors has voted to pursue an amalgamation of CESA’s operations with EPRA, the Electronic Products Recycling Association. If the amalgamation takes effect — likely this fall — EPRA would deliver CESA’s stewardship programs in British Columbia. EPRA would take over all of CESA’s operations and assume CESA’s contracts, employees, liabilities, debts, surplus and reserves. CESA would no longer exist as a separate entity.

CESA has a duty to explore any proposal that offers potential benefits for our members. After EPRA first raised the opportunity of some business integration in late 2022 — in response to the request for proposals for a service provider that CESA issued in October 2022 — the CESA board immediately began a due diligence process.

After reviewing its operations and considering all avenues for delivering the optimal service to its members, CESA has determined that this amalgamation with EPRA will be the most efficient and effective way to deliver the program for its members. Operating a single program in B.C. will reduce overall operating costs through a shared cost service model across multiple jurisdictions. And it will have the potential to reduce the increased eco-fees that CESA members would see in the coming years.

The decision to amalgamate with EPRA must be put to CESA members for a vote.

  • Members can submit their proxy from May 27 to June 17 using an online voting platform. Members can also vote at the Annual and Special Members’ Meeting in Toronto on June 19 if they have not already submitted their proxy online.
  • Each member organization will have one vote. For the amalgamation to move forward, a yes vote is required from two- thirds of the members present at the Annual and Special Members’ Meeting or represented by proxy.
  • Dentons Canada LLP, through an online voting platform, will oversee the voting process on CESA’s behalf. This will ensure impartiality and the integrity of the vote.
  • An external provider will host the online voting platform. Dentons will provide CESA with the total vote count and results. CESA will not know how individual member organizations cast their vote.
  • We will announce the vote results on June 20.

As always, we aim to be transparent and clear in our intentions and communications. CESA has prepared more information about the amalgamation plan in a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document which includes additional information about the amalgamation plan and how it will impact members if it proceeds. The document includes information to help you make an informed decision as well as background on the voting process. Additionally, you will be sent information about how to take part in the vote as part of the Members package you receive annually in advance of the Annual and Special Members' Meeting.

A pdf version of the FAQ document can be found here, or can be read on ElectroRecycle’s website here.

If you have questions, you can contact CESA through this dedicated email channel,

Best regards,
Laura Selanders (she/her)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association

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